We build audience. RMR Media Strategies enables high performing talent and brands to reach their potential audience by teaching you the skills, tactics and strategy to win fans. We are highly specialized in talent coaching, content strategy and development, and brand partnerships.

An agency for creators and brands.


We build audience. At the core of what we do is building audience. We teach you the tools that every successful creator utilizes to build audience and drive growth. 

Coaching & Development

We build brands. We partner with you to develop your space in the marketplace and build a sustainable career or brand strategy.


Whether in a monologue or conversation format, we provide outstanding differentiation at all stages. Our exclusive Better Than Broadcast process ensures that your audio and other multimedia elements are nothing short of excellent.


We build your reach. We represent services and shows. As part of our offering to clients we are the exclusive agent for a series of international audio and production services, national shows, and personalities.